Party Bags – Why They Are Still As Popular As Ever

 Birthday Party

Pre- Filled Party Bags

Children’s party bags a thing of the past or not?  Have they lost their appeal to kids? or is it another myth.  Having been a children’s DJ since 2001, I can assure you that kids party bags are as popular as ever.  Most of the discos for children are birthday parties.  And I have lost count, the number of times children have asked me if they are getting party bags.


Traditions we follow

There are many traditions we celebrate each year.  Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night etc., we have celebrated these for years.  For children, receiving party bags at a birthday party is no different.  They are tradition at a child’s birthday party and don’t have to be expensive.


What to Put in them

I have read quite a lot recently, that all bags are full of plastic tat.  But there are many great ideas for your filled bags when you think about it.  You can quite easily find kids party bags from just 99p if you are on a budget with 4 items and a themed loot bag.  This will include a fun puzzle book, some mini colouring pencils, pack of sweets and a noise maker (not bad value).  As a dad, I would have no problem with anything which encourages kids to use their minds and the sweets are a bonus.


Ideas of where to buy

In my opinion, another thing that proves popularity, is the number of companies still selling them.  One of my favourites is Kids Zone Party Shop who offer a good selection from 99p upwards and what you see is what you get.  There’s hundreds of other companies including eBay and amazon to name a few, so you will always find something to suit any budget.

In summary don’t be put off by opinions on goodie bags. They have been around for a long time and are not likely to disappear anytime soon.