Sweet Cones – What to consider when buying online

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Cone bags have fast become the popular choice for a kid’s party.  Traditional gifts such as party bags are beginning to take a back seat in favour of filled sweet cones.  This trend is set to continue.  Filled party cones are available from many online suppliers, all offering various options to choose from.  So what’s available online and what do I need to consider before buying.

 Sweet Cone Fillers

Party sweet cones are filled with a range of different sweets.  You will find a great mix available for all tastes, which you can find quite easily when searching online.  Some of the most popular cones available contain the following sweets:

                                     chocolate jazzles       dolly mixtures

Jelly Beans

Smarties or Chocolate Flavoured Beans

Haribo Jelly Mix

Chocolate Jazzles

Mini Marshmallows



Chocolate Footballs

Dolly Mixtures

The above list gives a good idea of what kind of sweets are available to you, but is by no means comprehensive.  Some suppliers also  provide Halal/Vegetarian cones, which is great for children who eat only certain types of sweets.  There is also a decision whether to buy cones filled with loose sweets or pre packaged.  personally I prefer pick & mix style as the cello cone provides the packaging.

How Big Are The Cones

Do remember when buying sweetie cones online, that they come in various sizes.  So it’s important to know what size cones you require before comparing the cost from various websites.  Cone bags are normally available in sizes small medium and large and vary in price form 99p up to over £2.00.  As an indication the medium to large cones are around 18cm x 37cm in diameter approx.  You need to remember however, that these are not filled to the brim. There has to be enough space left at the top to tie the ribbon.  Prices range from 99p for the small size cones and can increase to over £2.00 for the large ones.   so you need to know what size you are getting for your money.

Type of sweet cone bags available

The cello sweet cone bags are now available in various designs.  They used to be only available in clear cello cone bags, there are now many different designs available to buy, including some of your favourite character themes, such as Paw patrol, Disney princess etc.,





Best before dates on sweets

One thing most online shoppers want to know, is how long will the sweets last.  Most good online shops selling sweets will state the best before dates on their websites, but if you can’t find that information, then don’t hesitate to contact them.  You will however find that the sweets will have a long shelf life of 8 – 10 months and sometimes longer, so there is no problem buying them at least a couple of weeks before your party, avoiding any last minute problems.

I hope this gives an insight to what you should consider when buying sweet cones online.  But one last thing, is to leave enough time when ordering, as most suppliers will make cones up to order and if you require a large quantity, it will take time to prepare them for dispatch.


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