Prefilled Party Bags

Prefilled Party Bags, it goes without saying is a very important decision for any child’s special event, as every child attending a friends party these days, expects a gift to take home at the end of it.  But the big question is what do I put inside the party bags.  There are so many options, it’s quite easy to get bogged down, so the easiest way to start is by making a list of items that you feel will be suitable for both girls and boys.


Party Bag Fillers

Some of the popular items below would make up very acceptable Pre Filled Party Bags for any child:

Colour Pull Whistles, Mini Connect 4 Game, Monster Finger Frights, Fun Puzzle Books, Colouring Pencils, Fun Stickers, Spinning Tops, Bubbles, Mini Jewel Rings, Party Blowers, Bracelets, Foam Glider Planes to name a few and not forgetting the sweet tooth children, which is most of them, who will look inside the bag for the sweets, before anything else.  The list is endless, but once you have drawn up your list, you can then decide which of the items to put in your party bags, which will also be determined by the budget you have.



Prefilled Party Bags Boys Girls And Unisex Bags

Once you have your party bag fillers sorted out, you need to decide on which loot bags to put them in.  Again there are so many different options to choose from, including themed bags for boys, girls, unisex and also plain colour paper, cello, organza etc.,  These days every child seems to want a themed birthday party and one theme that doesn’t disappear over time is a good old fashion princess and pirates theme which is still as popular as ever.  There is always a good range of princess and pirates loot bags available to choose from and will fit in perfectly with your theme, if this is what you have chosen to do.  There are also many other themes available including Trolls, Moana, Shopkins, Avengers, Pokeman and Cars, which is just a few of the popular themes for boys and girls.