Get The Party Started With Some Sweet Cones



What comes to mind when you think about a kids’ party?  The birthday cake is a main feature, of course, but food in general is a crucial part of any great party. Trouble is, when you have 15 or 20 children attending (or more), preparing lots of food can suddenly feel very overwhelming. Anything you can do to ease the load makes good sense, don’t you think?

If you’re keen on making the party go with a swing, you can keep everyone happy by having some sweet cones ready for the kids to enjoy. These are cones filled with an assortment of sweets and finished with a ribbon at the top. And with lots of options to choose from, it’s easier than you think to get some sweet cones that are perfect for your forthcoming party.

Pre-filled sweet cones save on time – and money

How long would it take you to buy the cones, all the sweets to fill them with, and then make up the cones and finish off each one with ribbon? The answer is ‘longer than you think’! And with so much more to do before the party can begin, it makes sense to save time wherever you can. You’ll save money, too, because you will only pay postage on the one order, rather than buying from several outlets to get everything you need.

You’ll be happy to know you can buy pre-filled party cones for any party. The long dates on the sweets included means you can do this well ahead of time, too. Just choose the cones you want, choose the colour of ribbon you want, place your order, and sit back and wait for it to arrive. Much easier than going down the DIY route, don’t you think?

Look out for themed party cones, too

Are you holding a football-themed party for your son and his friends? If so, you could get some football sweet cones for them to enjoy. If you’d prefer a general design, there are several variations on sweet cones that can be ordered to suit any themed birthday party.

A nice alternative to party bags

If you want to offer something different to the usual party bags, sweet party cones can be a good alternative. You can still add the usual slice of birthday cake for kids to enjoy or to take home. In fact, you could add the party cones as well as party bags if you like, or include them as one item in the bags.

Sweet cones also make great prizes for party games. Make sure you order plenty so you have more than you think you will need. This means you can have extras to give out as prizes, or to accommodate children if you have one or two arriving at the last minute to up the numbers.

Whichever way you use them, pre-filled party cones are a great addition to any children’s party. Which ones will you order?