Food and snack suggestions for a children’s birthday party

Planning a kids’ birthday party can be a daunting task. There are lots of things to consider and organise; from invitations and entertainment to party bags, it can be overwhelming! You can, however, guarantee one thing; you will need to endure a bunch of over-excited children expecting to be fed! To help your planning, here are our top food and snacks suggestions for a children birthday party.

1. Sandwiches (with the crusts off, of course!)

Sandwiches are a simple, easy and popular choice for children. You can have lots of different combinations to please everyone and you could even cut the sandwiches into quirky shapes with biscuit cutters. Children love to eat anything that looks “fun”. Keep the fillings as simple as possible or you could find more mess than necessary. Try chicken and cheese, cheese and ham, or a classic butter and jam.

2. Snack-attack

Children love to snack from bowls, as they can choose how much or little they’d like to eat. Try cocktail sausages, pizza slices, garlic bread, mini pizzas, mini sausage rolls and lots of crisps in a variety of flavours.

3. Sweet snacks

The perfect way to incorporate sweets into a party is a party bag or sweet cup. Every party needs a little sugar and these are the perfect way to make sure every child has an equal amount of treats. No fighting over who got more than who! It also means any leftover treats can be brought home and enjoyed at a later date.

Try these above snacks to keep the kids satisfied and hunger-free at a birthday party, then complete the day with the finishing touch – a delicious birthday cake. Anything that’s left over (if you’re lucky!) is for the adults. Check out Kidszone for pre-filled party bags and goodie bags in a range of themes for your children’s party!