How to make the birthday boy feel special at his party

The birthday boy should always be the man of the hour when he turns another year older. That’s why you should make your son feel extra special when he welcomes his family and friends for a super fun party. Apart from presents and the obligatory ‘happy birthday’ song, how exactly can you accomplish this during the bash? Here are just three tips that can help.

Let him make decisions

Your little boy should have some sort of say in how the party should go. Obviously, you don’t want to bog him down in all the boring details like time and venue, but you could still give him a say over who comes and what music is played. Just make your son feel that he’s in charge and it should mean he’s even more excited for the soiree.

Choose tailored decorations

Try to avoid using decorations that you may have once used at previous parties. Instead, tailor the theme to your little lad. You can do this by choosing balloons and banners that display his age, as well as getting other items – such as plates and cups – that highlight his interests. For example, a young boy obsessed with animals and wildlife might want party supplies featuring dinosaur prints.

Impress the guests

Your son will surely want all his friends and classmates to gush that they’ve just been to the ‘best party ever’ upon leaving. You can ensure this by arranging for carefully chosen games and activities throughout the bash. You can also organise for pre-filled party bags full of goodies that each of the guests can take home with them.

Good luck!

Every parent wants the birthday boy to be smiling from ear to ear on his special day. You can accomplish this by following these handy tricks and picking up all the necessary party items from Kids Zone beforehand.