Four creative children's party ideas

Four creative children’s party ideas

If your cherub still loves Frozen above all else or will kick anything that’s not pinned down (making football your only potential party theme), then we have plenty of party accessories to help you out.

However, if you are scratching your head for a creativity party idea, to make your little one’s day extra special (with the minimum work from you preferable), then give some thought to these four children’s party ideas.

Spa party
These days kids love being pampered, and that includes all genders. Having some lovely simple treatments on offer, such as a “mani and pedi”, face masks, makeovers and hair styling could appeal to any age, and gives parents a chance get involved to relieve some of the stress of organising the event.

We have colour coded tableware, banners, balloons and a host of other things to create a zen backdrop for the pampering.

Cooking party
The rising popularity of programmes such as The Great British Bake Off and Junior Masterchef has inspired a new generation to experiment in the culinary arts. If this sounds like a “recipe for chaos” in your kitchen then fear not, a table full of plain cupcakes and a good array of decorations often goes down well. Or a make your own pizza session is loads of fun. We have plenty of fabulous party covers to protect your table.

Science party
If your children are more inclined towards making homemade “trump” putty or creating volcanos out of pop bottles, then the internet has countless safe “DIY” science experiments that won’t result in a visit from the fire brigade. And while they have their thinking caps on, they might want to guess how many sweets fit into one of our tailor-made cones.

DIY photo booths
The selfie generation uses every opportunity to take snaps of themselves and most love playing around in front of the camera (or mobile phone camera). There are lots of props and items you can buy or create to give hours of fun and they could use some of the results to make their own picture collages as a memento of the party. They could take that to show parents, along with their carefully chosen goody bag from our extensive range of party bags and boxes. Browse our range today to discover the perfect, hassle-free party theme.